038 A - Victory, normalcy, 625,000 new cases in a week


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One group claims victory, and it is presented as victorious by virtually all of media. The other side hasn’t conceded, and certainly their supporters haven’t. The great Neo-liberal-now may be back, but in its ascendancy it is reminding us how much we hate it. I assume that remembering that will help the opposition.

When I look outside it has the bright light and sharp shadows of a landscape returning to normal. For a moment I am feel my fatigue come to the surface, tears of release come to my eyes, for our journey certainly must be done. But no there is no normal, it isn’t dusk on a gentle spring night. This is a hot day in November and the world is ending.

Since March 244,000 people are dead from COVID while at least 625,000 people got it this week.

I suppose I am confident of a few things, I fully concede that I am powerless AF over this shit and that there is no collective we. But I am also confidant that short of a few buzz words and deeds, there’s no agency with the will or resources to stop a collective from getting started. So that’s the tiny nugget of hope I have — they don’t care, because they don’t think we can win. They may be right, but today I’m gonna get so goddam high on that nugget.